Values & Culture

Our corporate success is based on living out our common values and promoting strong performances with the right strategy. Our solid corporate culture serves as our guiding principle in our daily thinking, decision-making and actions.


Our highest priority is to grow sustainably and profitably. This allows us to continually increase the value of the company. Our goal is to reach the top positions in all fields of business.


We have formulated our principles for collaboration and management on the basis of our mission statement. Our management principles describe an attainable ideal and have direct effect on how we work together, the expectations we have of our managers and how they can be fulfilled.
They also serve as a compass in difficult situations and provide for a climate of the present trust in which an exceptional corporate culture is based.
Our company generates its success from the people who employ their skills on our behalf. The more enthusiasm our employees have, the greater the success. Management and cooperation are the crux of the matter.
The six principles of our FRECH Management Guidelines are to be viewed and complied with in context.


Responsible handling of resources is a necessity that is permanently written into our corporate strategy. For our customers to whom sustainable business is important, from an ecological and economic viewpoint, we offer energy-efficient solutions - which save on costs and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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