FRECH Retrofitting

Extend the service life of your FRECH diecasting machine and start a new life cycle with a general overhaul and modernization of drives and controls.

With our RETROFITTING, you will reduce energy consumption and increase material efficiency and productivity. With a general overhaul, the diecasting machine again has the reliability that is required for the demands of the day.

Replacement Locking Unit

For smooth use of our diecasting machines, replacement locking units for hot chamber machines – up to 125 t - with new mounting plates and a verified functional test - are available at any time.

For FRECH diecasting machines that have been in use for many years but are still without hydraulic or mechanical defects, a modern SBC4 replacement control can be provided instead of the Statamat, SBC1 or SBC2 controls – without changing operation.

Control Modernization

On the basis of the DATADIALOG system, the DATAMAT, DATAVARIO and DATACONTROL controls can be converted to DATALOGIC 4 without training expenses.

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