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FRECH Customer Service

Preventative Frech Service

With preventative FRECH Service, you ensure that your systems have a high rate of availability. If an unplanned failure should nevertheless occur, you can reach us even on the weekend and will receive rapid support.

Our partners maintain personal contact with all of our customers - this creates trust and facilitates communication in matters of customer service.

Peter Bord
Director, Service Sales Services

Frech Remote Service

With the FRECH Remote Service Platform, our customers receive a secure remote maintenance option when required. With extensive experience, our FRECH specialists inspect hydraulic systems and controls. Pumps, sensors or valves can be directly examined and analyzed using highly modern analysis software.

Service effiziency - flexible and fast

In order to solve a problem, sometimes it is enough to give repair workers the help they need to help themselves. Upon request by the customer, it is also possible to install control updates or new program options via Remote Service. The FRECH Remote Service Platform thereby increases service efficiency and offers a high level of flexibility and productivity while keeping repair costs low.

Experienced Service Technicians

Identifying incipient potential failures often requires expensive measurement technology and a great deal of experience. Our service technicians are highly trained and have the competence and expertise to carry out scheduled inspections on your machines or to help resolve failures. Modern service concepts, service technicians who are well equipped, regular training and spare parts available on short notice ensure that machine availability in your company is restored.

Have questions?

Our customer service is happy to receive your maintenance orders or failure messages.

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