We turn foundries

with smart solutions

into smart factories




With smartfoundry.solutions, our customers receive digitalization solutions for increasing effectiveness in their own foundries. The goal is to collaboratively increase the efficiency of one's own operation even more in order to remain competitive.

smartfoundry.solutions offers ideal tools for successfully mastering digitalization in the diecasting industry as well as other challenges.

smartfoundry.solutions are modular software applications, services and shop floor compatible hardware solutions developed by diecasters for diecasters. The range of services additionally includes the administration of system components, the maintenance of hardware and software and management of IT security. Diecasters will find a modular, custom-tailored service package.

Components from the Data Acquisition and Interfaces product groups are used for digitalization and networking of the foundry. Using visual and entry point applications that are installed on digital input and output devices from the Equipment product group, data are visualized or additional data, such as quality data, are made comprehensible.

The database system (local storage) is operated on an industrial PC, the Data Hub. Entry point applications and interfaces of connected machines and systems continually send encrypted data to the Data Hub, which temporarily saves the data in local storage and correlates it. The data is transferred to cloud storage for long-term data storage and use in the smartfoundry.platform.

In order to integrate older production machines into the data capture, additional electronics or sensors must usually be integrated. The Data Connector industrial connectivity and measurement system is available for this task as part of the product portfolio. In addition to machine and process data, data from the workforce must be recorded and partially archived in the production data. So-called entry point applications are used in the smartfoundry.solutions product portfolio for intuitive and efficient entry of data to be captured.

High quality data and information is often already available in a diecasting foundry which are not prepared for the user and their task and thus cannot be used. With visual applications from the smartfoundry.solutions portfolio, we make it possible for our customers to visualize information for individual functions in the diecasting foundry.

The smartfoundry.platform provides a web-based application environment. The scope of the applications can be custom-tailored by time-based licensing. The smartfoundry.network makes it possible for users to access data from the shop floor nearly in real time in order to be able to incorporate it in their decision-making processes. This is also possible with historical data.

The core concept of smartfoundry.community is collaborative data collection and utilization in a community of users. This creates added value, such as for a technology or the possibility for use of a community application, for example. Companies can decide individually regarding participation in smartfoundry.community at any time. Core components are applications which anonymously provide identified data to a common data pool when used. The result of the analysis is provided to the users of the corresponding community application as added value. Among other things, development problems are solved in the community which would otherwise be difficult to overcome by individual companies.

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