Our Training Department and How It All Began

Ever since Frech delivered its very first high-pressure die casting machine back in 1959 training has played an important and vital role. Initially training was delivered by our engineers as part of their day-to-day duties. In view of an ever expanding product range and the increasing complexity of processes, Wolfgang Frech assigned Martin Schlotterbeck the task of setting up a Training Department. The process of producing resources for training gradually evolved into the publication of complete operating manuals which finally led to the expansion of the training department by adding the technical documentation service we know today.

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Get To Know Our Team

May we briefly introduce ourselves? (From left to right) Martin Schlotterbeck is Head of the Training Department and holds all the strings, directing all training activities with his team. Sabine Gramm is our chief organiser. She knows all the processes inside out and will happily provide advice anytime. Ulrich Keller is our expert and technologist in charge of the technically highly demanding cold-chamber die casting process. Frank Balbier knows absolutely every last detail pertaining to our hot-chamber die casting machines.

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More Than Just a Technical Training Facility – the Frech Technology Center

The creation and integration of our Technology Center into the Training Department has proven to be enormously rewarding. Today the Frech Technology Center provides sampling, trial casting and test run services up to low-volume production runs of castings. As hands-on workshops in the Center are an integral part of Frech training courses, it provides vital links to practically all of our training. Thomas Schneider and Pierre Layer, our highly experienced foundry technicians stand at your service in the Technology Center and will unveil many a theoretical mystery by giving a practical, hands-on illustration.

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Training in Germany and Abroad – Global Know-how Transfer

We ensure the sharing of know-how around the globe by providing training on a broad range of subjects at our headquarters, on site at your premises, in our subsidiaries and branch offices. Our English language training week at the Frech headquarters is always fully booked and a real highlight on our international training calendar. We are very proud that we attract more than 200 avid learners to our wide range of training opportunities each year.

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A Broad Range of Training Courses and Seminars –
There’s got to be something in it for you

All training programmes have been specifically designed by Frech for the products and the needs of your staff, to ensure that die casters get an opportunity to keep abreast of current developments in their trade and meet the ever more demanding requirements.

Every year we offer a regular programme of seminars on hot- and cold-chamber die casting. Here we teach the fundamentals of machine operation, train your maintenance and service personnel, provide training and drills on how to operate controls and program machines as well as die design.

Extensive expertise and the permanent exchanging of experience with users are the best prerequisites for first-class results. We are driven by a real enthusiasm for high-pressure die casting and love nothing more than to discuss technology subjects with you and your employees, until the small ours if need be.

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The Seminar Program Available for Download

Download FRECH Seminar Program 2022

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Customised Training – Our know-how is Coming To You

Our trainers travel often and enjoy it, too. Perhaps there are reasons why you cannot come to Frech. Or perhaps you would like to organise a seminar that is tailored to your needs and held at your premises or in the foundry? We are happy to come to you, bringing our training resources and expertise with us to help you optimise your workflows.

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Consultation and Process Support

First talk - then walk With the benefit of hindsight we all know what we should have done. We give you advice, however, before problems crop up. Bring your difficult or hard to produce parts to Frech and challenge us.

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Training Certificate

We guarantee and certify the successful attendance of training for your employees. A key ingredient for future success lies in training and educating your staff. Qualified employees will win you the future!

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Enrolment – Contacting us – it will always be worth it!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Frech. Sabine Gramm will provide comprehensive advice and register your training request any time.


Training Request

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