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Our Repair-Service

Holding up our values is exactly in tune with the family-run FRECH company’s tradition. We recondition almost anything that a cost-benefit-analysis will find worth preserving. That is how we support our customers to keep down casting costs in the long run.

Craig Tigges
Director Repairs

Sustainable use of Resources

Recycling and sustainable use of resources - FRECH repairs hundreds of goosenecks every year in alignment with this maxim.

Machines that are worn and characterized by hard, long-term use in the foundry are cleaned and repaired in a modern ultrasound system.

Specially Developed Technology

The worn sleeve is removed with heat, force and great care. The goosenecks are honed and the sleeves polished to an accurate fit. Following installation of the sleeve, the gooseneck is ready for use again.

By the way: We don't just overhaul FRECH goosenecks, but also identical ones from other manufacturers.

Other Repair Services

In addition to goosenecks, FRECH also employs its high level of technical expertise and modern machinery to repair locking cylinders, casting cylinders, pressing cylinders, hydraulic ejectors, tie bar clamps and peripheral devices of casting cells.

We also offer repair exchanges for many high-value machine components, such as servo valves, pumps, controls and generally overhauled parts.

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