Cold chamber – K-Series

Cold chamber diecasting technology



Cold Chamber Machines With A Technological Advantage

FRECH K-Series diecasting machines have been equipped with the latest technology and developed for operation with high efficiency and ecological considerations.

As a result, high performance machines are available to our customers that meet all of the demands of global competition and master the challenges of the future.

Ongoing process optimization and the high quality of our products ensure the most efficient use in your company.

Robust and strong locking unit

Tireless, powerful and precise, as you expect from a FRECH machine

  • Large tie bar distance
  • Lots of space for the dosing device
  • Tie bars in stretch-nut design for maximum elongation
  • Divided tie bar nuts with hydraulic cylinder
  • With intelligent locking force adjustment and coated mounting plates upon request
Powerful and dynamic hydraulics

Sophisticated hydraulics for maximum performance and dynamics

  • Asynchronous motor pump system with frequency converter for the fastest movements and reduced pressure peaks
  • Flow-optimized hydraulics system for energy-saving operation
  • Extremely quiet
Consistent safety design concept

Whether open during setup or completely closed during casting, the safety design concept provides protection wherever possible.

Maximum process variability
  • Prepared for the special Vacural® process
Unmistakable design

Functionality is revealed at the first glance at the design

Powerful casting unit
  • Patented intensifier system for the shortest pressure rise times
  • FRECH Realtime Control (RC) casting unit included as standard
  • Maximum repetition accuracy CmK 1.33
  • Extremely long plunger stroke



Our Promise Maximum Performance At 19,000 Kn

Our designers set out to develop a cold chamber machine that was new from the ground up and created for maximum performance:

As a result, we have developed diecasting machines with exceptional performance between 3,800 and 19,000 kN that save resources and are simple and intuitive to operate. However, they also offer a wide range of adjustment possibilities.

Extensive service offerings, long maintenance intervals and the great robustness of FRECH diecasting machines ensure decades of daily use in the foundry.

Frech K-Series

Our sales department can provide you with comprehensive information about our products. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of questions or for special productions.

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