Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global enterprise, FRECH understands its social responsibility. The content of our code of conduct is an expression of our fundamental common values. We accept responsibility in that we consider the consequences of our business decisions and actions in an economical, social, ecological as well as technological respect and introduce an appropriate reconciliation of interests – for customers and business partners, employees and for shareholders. In connection with our possibilities and negotiating opportunities, we voluntarily act in the interest of and toward the sustainable development of the global community at the locations where we operate. In doing so, we follow applicable ethical values and principles, in particular with respect to integrity and honesty, and the respect of human dignity.
This code of conduct (Corporate Social Responsibility) applies for all branches and subsidiaries of the FRECH Group worldwide. They are all obligated to promote adherence to these values, including with all suppliers and in the further value-added chain.

Corporate Social Responsibilty - RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS

We develop and produce technically mature products and solutions which are increasingly used in environmentally friendly technologies. However, we also advance sustainability through targeted investments into research and development.
We accept responsibility along our entire value-added chain: for our employees and locations as well as for our supply chain and our products. This is because future-oriented and environmentally friendly innovations are a fundamental component of the sustainable growth of a family-owned company.

Corporate Social Responsibilty - ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY

In doing so, the use of material, the creation of emissions and the production of waste are continually monitored, evaluated and minimized. The effects of present and new, future production technologies on the environment are continually assessed, monitored and inspected with the goal of keeping burdens as low as possible. We maintain a modern energy management system for all forms of energy as well as for all machines and buildings from ecological perspectives in order to effectively reduce costs and to make an important contribution to environmental protection. The associated CO2 emissions are sustainable as a result, and are continually reduced.
With this commitment, we make an important contribution to the protection of resources and the climate while strengthening the recognition and value of our company as well as the competitiveness of our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibilty - EMPLOYEES & SOCIETY

FRECH strives to offer all employees an interesting, stimulating and constructive work environment - engaged workers are the crucial factor for our corporate success. We promote the safety, continuing education and wellness of our employees with numerous programs and are committed to community development, including through the integration of refugees into training and employment.
Our experience with intercultural diversity demonstrates that heterogeneous teams can better solve complex tasks. We guarantee an open corporate culture that is based on integration and mutual respect at all locations. We express our social commitment through donations and sponsoring of social projects. In doing so, we prioritize sustainability and regionalism.

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