About Frech

"Tradition is a quality".

Since more than 66 years we have had a tradition of being first in our industry and we have developed a very special quality: "Innovation Power".

In 1949 the toolmaker Oskar Frech founded a company for the manufacture of diecasting and plastic injection tools in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. In 1965 the founder's son, Wolfgang Frech, a graduate mechanical engineer, overtook responsibility for the company. He was the driving force for the expansion of the product range to include hot and cold chamber diecasting machines, as well as for the international orientation of the company. Today he remains the figurehead of the company as the president of the advisory board.

The company Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG is renowned for the manufacture of the highest quality diecasting machines and tooling available on the market today.
Wherever reliability and safety are a priority and whenever the latest process technology is a requirement, our worldwide network of companies and our comprehensive service program are the guarantee of satisfaction for customers.

Due to the worldwide structure of our Group, Frech is proud to offer you a unique and complete product range:

  • Hot and cold chamber diecasting machines for aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys
  • Tooling for diecasting and plastic injection moulding
  • Die spraying systems
  • Die heating and cooling units
  • Furnace technology
  • Casting extractors and ladling units
  • Reliable customer service
  • Complete supply of spare parts
  • Special developed training programs

The Frech Group has its headquarter in Schorndorf, Southern Germany. Additionally, we have a Sales and Service Center in the North of Germany in Velbert and currently 20 other international subsidiaries and sales offices. In total we employ approx.800 people and 35 field service engineers alone are taking care of our customers. In fact we probably have the most customer orientated sales and service network of all the world's diecasting machine manufacturers at our disposal.

Also operating under the banner of the Frech Group are: Robamat GmbH - die temperature control units (Austria), Meltec - furnace and metal feeding equipment (Austria), Spesima - a specialist automation company based in Bulgaria and VDS Vacuum DieCast Service situated in Switzerland. They complete the wide-ranging production program of our international network.

As a pioneer of tooling and hot chamber diecasting machines and as a leader in the production of modern cold chamber diecasting machines, we continue to work hard to fulfil the expectations and the high technology demands of our customers. Groundbreaking innovations like the world's first ever magnesium hot chamber diecasting machine in 1966 and the world's first, and still only, all-electric diecasting machine in 1999, are testament to our commitment and our success.
Due to the global development of our industry, we are obviously striving for continuous improvement in our sales and service network and to the extension of our international manufacturing facilities. Naturally, we are always searching for ways of expanding our product range - shown recently with the enlargement of our cold chamber machine program - and to servicing our customers with their ever-increasing requirements. With our comprehensive product portfolio, we believe that we are able to successfully satisfy the demands of the diecasting industry like no other company existing today.

In line with global market developments, we will continue to focus on consistently improving our sales and service network and establishing further assembly sites around the world. Naturally, we are also working to continuously expand our product portfolio – for instance by extending our range of cold-chamber machines to include higher clamping forces, and increasing our range of services. We are one of the only companies in the die casting machine industry in a position to meet our customers’ expectations of end-to-end solutions (hardware, software and process engineering).


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