Development of the training department

Since delivery of the first diecasting machine from FRECH in 1959, the training of the employees who operate the machine has been a permanent component of our corporate philosophy. Initially, this training was still performed directly by the designers.

As a result of the continuously growing product portfolio and increasingly complex processes, it quickly became clear that it was necessary to establish a structured training department, which significantly contributes to the success of FRECH diecasting machines to this day.

Under the leadership of Martin Schlotterbeck, operating manuals have successively originated from training documentation, which are still today created by a technical editing office and revised on an ongoing basis.



The Team of Trainers

Martin Schlotterbeck
Director, Training Department

Mr. Martin Schlotterbeck is the Director of the Training department and guides the wide variety of activities together with his team.

Sabine Gramm

Ms. Sabine Gramm is our organizer. She knows all of the processes and is happy to provide you with information at any time.

Ulrich Keller
Cold chamber expert

Mr. Ulrich Keller is our expert and technologist for the highly exacting cold chamber diecasting process.

Frank Balbier
Hot chamber expert

Mr. Frank Balbier truly knows every detail of every hot chamber diecasting machine.

Frank Balbier
Hot chamber expert

Mr. Frank Balbier truly knows every detail of every hot chamber diecasting machine.



Frech Technology Center

Another milestone in the department of Training and Education was the creation of a Technology Center. Our Technology Center offers our customers the opportunity to carry out trials and test runs, in addition to sampling, all the way up to the production of small batches.

Knowledge gained during training can be put into practice in a workshop at the Technology Center.

Experienced employees - Foundry technicians Thomas Schneider and Pierre Layer - are available at the Technology Center for any questions about the diecasting machine and its operation.

With direct application examples, theoretical secrets can be revealed through practical explanations.

Global knowledge transfer

Wide-ranging training events at the corporate headquarters in Schorndorf (greater Stuttgart area), on site at your location or at our branch companies and subsidiaries facilitate the global transfer of knowledge for the most efficient use of our machines.

Our annual English-language training week in Schorndorf is highly valued by our international customers. More than 200 interested participants take advantage of the opportunity to attend our FRECH trainings every year.



Frech Training and Seminar Programs

Training programs specially developed in-house and tailored to products and to your personnel ensure that every diecaster is always up to date on the latest technical developments and can optimally manage the continually increasing demands in everyday work at the foundry.

We hold a seminar program in hot and cold chamber every year. The principles of operation are imparted and maintenance and service personnel are trained here. In addition, training and practice is provided in control, programming and die layout.

The goal of our trainings is to impart expertise, to exchange experience and to achieve precise operation of the diecasting machine so that the best results are created at all times. Our seminars provide an ideal platform for exchanging expertise with you or your employees.

Our know-how comes to you

Individual trainings

Our FRECH training team will also hold trainings on site at your foundry operation.

The training employees come to your company with the complete range of training materials and support you and your employees in optimizing your processes. They are also available for any questions about diecasting technology.

Training with certificate

Enterprise Solution

Upon completion of our training, we confirm your employees' successful participation in the seminar. - An important component of the promotion and continuing education of your employees.

Well-trained employees work more productively, save costs and secure the future!

For questions about our training program, training offerings or seminars, contact Sabine Gramm.

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