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"Responsibility is not a coincident but a personal commitment. And that since 60 years."

Being one of the most important employers in our region, we are well aware of our responsibility to society. Also, our success on the world market does not change this philosophy. In actual fact, being a "Global Player" we believe that it is important for us to remember our roots. In doing so, we are ensuring the economic development of our region, keeping the jobs and the skills of the local employees, and keeping the emotional attachment of the people in our area. We are a company built on teamwork and where solidarity is a very important factor.

  • economic development in our region
  • preserving jobs
  • ongoing training for our staff
  • forging emotional connections to the people around us

Frech Group companies draw their strength from working together and feeling at one with the company – wherever they are.

Exercising with Frech

Exercise is an integral part of our society and keeps people healthy. That is why we encourage our employees to take part in sporting activities. In addition to our highly enthusiastic football team, employees can also get involved in a wide range of other sporting activities. We also sponsor local sports clubs, such as TV Weiler and SG Schorndorf.

Learning with Frech

Our social commitment is clearly reflected by our company’s above-average number of apprentices. More than 12 percent of our staff are still in training. This is certainly something to be proud of, but that’s not all: in addition to many interesting apprenticeships, we offer internships for school and university students, as well as practical, project-oriented mentoring for those completing dissertations and theses.

Studying with Frech

We foster close collaboration with academic institutions, such as Aalen University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen Technical University of Applied Sciences and the University of Freiburg. These partnerships benefit all parties, with students, researchers and our employees alike profiting from seminars, guest lectures and sharing experience between theory and practice.

Thinking ahead with Frech

Our employees and colleagues enjoy financial security through our advanced company pension scheme – even after they’ve stopped actively working with us. We don’t just show our appreciation in monetary terms, however. We also attach great importance to staying in touch with former employees who have dedicated years of valuable service to Frech. That is why we organise regular meetings, company parties and events, as well as specially organised trips and trade fair excursions.

Frech in demand

At Frech, we believe that as a global operator a company like ours should be active in industry associations. That is why we are members of the German Engineering Association VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer) and its Precision Tools and Foundry Machinery Associations. Our contribution counts. At Frech, social responsibility is more than just an empty phrase – we are involved in local sports clubs and national industry associations alike. Our employees will always be at the heart and soul of our commitment.
Today and in the future.


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