“Above everything else we are striving for profitable, long-term growth so that through it we keep adding value to our business. We are reaching for the top position in all areas of business that we engage in.”

Based on our vision for the company we have defined key principles for the management and leadership of the company and for the way in which we cooperate. Our principles describe an ideal style of management that is nevertheless realistic and has a direct impact on how we work together or on what we expect from our executive managers and how these expectations are met. Furthermore the principles serve as a compass that will help us to navigate difficult situations successfully and create an atmosphere of trust nourishing the roots of our special corporate culture.
It is the commitment of the people working for us, their talents and their skill, who make our company successful. The more passionate they are about their work, the greater will be the success. Leadership and working together as a team are the cornerstones of our success.
The six management principles build on each other and should all be respected.

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