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Flexible and Powerful: Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machines

Frech provides cold-chamber die casting machines with locking forces from 2,750 kN to 44,000 kN for the production of a wide range of castings, from small OEM parts to engine blocks or gearbox housings, as well as chassis and body components made of aluminium and magnesium alloys.
The patented Vacural process has placed Frech at the top of the world of light-weight processing engineering.
Together our cold-chamber die casting machines make up the K family of products which includes following model series:

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Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machines












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DualCast Technology

Innovative die casting machine with time-tested control technology, proven-and-tried shot end and new robust closing unit for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Vacural Technology

For many years now, the patented Vacural process has proven its mettle in the production of castings with minimal oxide and gas inclusions. .

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Comprehensive information and safety data sheets can be obtained from our sales staff. We will happily advise you on any questions or special request you might have.

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