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Dear customers, please allow us to present our Aftersales Services for maximum machine availability and plant productivity, true to our motto “100% Frech service”. Essentially, good service depends on people, on staff who are passionate and committed to supporting our customers around the world, every day. At Frech, service is not just an empty word. We will not put you on hold and we won’t keep changing your contacts – with us, you will be able to rely on the people you know and whose competence you can be sure of: 100% Frech service. Please allow me to introduce some of the people who accompany your die casting machine during its entire life cycle.
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General overhaul and modernisation

After many years of operation, giving your die casting machine a new lease of life is well worth it: submitting your machine to a general overhaul, or modernising drives and controls starts a new life cycle. Update your machine to meet today’s requirements in terms of energy consumption, material efficiency, productivity and reliability.
To keep downtimes to a minimum, Frech offers exchange locking components for hot-chamber machines ex warehouse – up to 125 t with new clamping plates and certified functional checks. On old machines with functioning hydraulics and mechanics, Statamat, SBC1 or SBC2 controls can be replaced with state-of-the-art SBC4 controls – without changing how they are operated.
DATAMAT, DATAVARIO and DATACONTROL can be replaced with DATALOGIC4; thanks to the DATADIALOG system, this requires little additional training.
Fitting a completely overhauled accumulator with test certificate dispenses with the obligation of having an expert test carried out every ten years.

Customised retrofitting
Replacement closing units are always in stock


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Overhauling and Retrofitting

Goosenecks are too good to be thrown away – that is why Frech restores hundreds of them each year. When Frech receives them, they are extremely worn by tough use in the foundry. In a first step, they are cleaned in a modern ultrasonic cleaning unit. The worn sleeve is then removed using a lot of heat, force and skill. The goosenecks are honed, the sleeves are cut true to size. Once the sleeve has been fitted, the gooseneck is as good as new.

By the way – we offer this service not just for Frech goosenecks, but also for goosenecks of identical design from other manufacturers.

Frech does not just recondition goosenecks, but is just as highly competent at using its state-of-the-art machines to recondition closing cylinders, hydraulic ejectors, tie-bar clamping systems as well as the peripheral equipment of casting cells. For many high-quality machine components, such as servo valves, pumps and controls, we offer fully overhauled repair-replacement parts.

This requires great skill, ability...
...and a special technique.
The results are goosenecks which are as good as new.

Original Frech spare parts

The number of Frech die casting machines deployed around the world is unrivalled. Therefore we support you with our dynamic and reliable availability of all the most important wear and spare parts. Furthermore, we are always working to improve our machines to reduce cycle times and energy consumption, as well as boost product quality and user-friendliness. Our range of services includes retrofitting new functions, such as prefilling and network connection with host computers. Customised solutions for processing inserts, microspraying and fine-tuned machine processes complete our portfolio.

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Frech’s hotline is there to help...
...quick off the mark and technically competent
...or by delivering spare parts.

Second-Hand Machines

When the budget is limited or a machine is needed for one project only, customers often opt for second-hand machines – updated to suit the application. There is a suitable machine for almost any need.

Contact Person Daniel Schultheiß
Selection of second-hand machines
Second-hand machines are thoroughly checked.

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Remote Services

The Frech Remote Service Platform offers safe remote maintenance options. Whenever required, our experienced specialists review hydraulic systems and controls. Pumps, sensors and valves are checked and analysed using state-of-theart analytical software. This often solves the problem, or indicates to the operator’s maintenance staff how to help themselves. If desired, control updates or new programme options can be uploaded. The Frech Remote Service Platform boosts service efficiency, flexibility and productivity while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Regular inspections prevent downtime.
Our customers...
...involve the experts on site.

Exemplary customer service

Wear is not always easily seen or heard. To recognize emerging fault potential often requires sophisticated measuring equipment and plenty of experience. Our service engineers have both, and they apply it to scheduled machine inspections as well as when they are called for help, either directly or via the Frech hotline. Modern service concepts and equipment, regular training and easily available spare parts ensure that your machine is soon in working order again.

  • Customer Service
    Each individual customer is assigned a specialist consultant or account manager within Frech Headquarters.
  • Availability
    The consultant is available to the customer from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00 (CET). We also have consultants available on weekdays from 17:00 to 20:00 (CET), as well as on Saturdays from 08:00 to 17:00 (CET) for assistance with your individual spare parts requirements. Call our customer support line directly on +49 7181-702-110.
  • Spare parts delivery
    Normally, orders that arrive before 16:00 (CET) will be shipped the same day. Express deliveries can be handled on weekdays up to 19:30 (CET) and on Saturdays to 16:00 (CET). Time phased special deliveries are possible on demand.
  • Emergency service
    In the event of a machine breakdown, our emergency service is available and can be brought in to operation. Please contact your consultant directly or call the support line on +49 7181-702-110.
Service employee
Our service engineers go straight for the solution... restore functioning.


The commissioning of die casting machines requires profound expertise. You can rely on us to provide you with a team of highly skilled experts anytime who will give you support. Of course this also applies to Frech machines you intend put back into operation.

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Energy Management

Frech offers a range of products and services with a focus on energy and resource effi ciency (e.g. for DIN EN 16247 or DIN EN 50001). The product portfolio is completed by measuring systems covering the entire range from energy data loggers to entire turnkey systems.

Thermographic analysis
Energy measurement

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